This site lets you look up the DNS_LOC (RFC-1876) information for a domain name.

Looking up a site adds it to the database of sites that can be searched by location. Sites in the database are automaticaly re-checked about once a month.

When this site was first set up (back in 2005) it was seeded with the hosts from DMOZ, but as of 2021, the database is being re-seeded by querying all of the hostnames mentioned in the Common Crawl URL Index.

Lookup the LOC information for a domain:

Search for sites with LOC information around a location:


To view this dataset under Google Earth, you have two options.
You can either download a KML snapshot or a Network Link KML that refreshes as needed.

If you would like to download the entire dataset, you can export it as

At 22:56, February the 25th, 2024
978 domains were known.
The most recently checked fifteen are:
domain location checked  4429.400'N 1120.183'E  10:46:00 ago  421.135'N 8819.228'W  10:46:00 ago  3454.330'S 5611.052'W  10:46:00 ago  462.715'N 117.209'E  10:46:02 ago  3415.267'N 11827.500'W  10:46:02 ago  4851.400'N 221.117'E  10:46:02 ago  4546.967'N 94.967'E  10:46:03 ago  4915.450'N 72.700'E  10:46:03 ago  4915.450'N 72.700'E  10:46:04 ago  4925.467'N 745.500'E  10:46:04 ago  507.150'N 839.183'E  22:46:01 ago  5236.000'N 043.000'W  22:46:01 ago  5050.000'N 09.000'W  22:46:02 ago  5050.000'N 09.000'W  22:46:02 ago  4139.767'N 442.327'W  22:46:02 ago  

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