This site lets you look up the DNS_LOC (RFC-1876) information for a domain name.

Looking up a site adds it to the database of sites that can be searched by location. Sites in the database are automaticaly re-checked about once a month.

The database was seeded by querying all of the hostnames mentioned in the DMOZ database.

Lookup the LOC information for a domain:

Search for sites with LOC information around a location:


To view this dataset under Google Earth, download and open this KML file.

To see what datasets I have made available in KML, look here.

If you would like to download the entire dataset, a daily dump is available here.

At 04:35, January the 17th, 2020
751 domains were known.
The most recently checked fifteen are:
domain location checked  3532.000'N 9737.000'W  04:25:10 ago  3532.900'N 9736.783'W  04:25:10 ago  4314.010'N 7953.385'W  04:25:10 ago  4547.947'N 1557.387'E  04:25:10 ago  4848.000'N 220.000'E  04:25:11 ago  4051.904'N 732.771'W  04:25:14 ago  3853.925'N 773.082'W  04:25:14 ago  4915.450'N 72.700'E  04:25:14 ago  5050.000'N 09.000'W  04:25:15 ago  4253.057'N 7852.491'W  16:25:12 ago  5050.000'N 09.000'W  16:25:12 ago  547.417'N 2035.900'E  16:25:12 ago  6059.198'N 1431.732'E  16:25:13 ago  1330.750'N 14449.483'E  16:25:13 ago  1330.750'N 14449.483'E  16:25:13 ago  

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